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Year: 2020
Web Design & Interaction: Fiona Lin
Branding Design: Twisha Patni


Abacus.AI is an AI company helping users create large-scale, real-time customizable deep learning systems, featuring solutions such as real-time forecasting, transaction fraud, and early incident detection. These systems generate accurate predictions that users can incorporate into all aspects of their customer experience or business process. Abacus.AI takes noisy, incomplete data and creates an accurate deep learning system without any manual tweaking or data science, using Neural Architecture Search (NAS) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). GANs allow synthetic data to be generated and easily combined to your real dataset to create accurate deep learning models, even if you don’t have sufficient data.

This web redesign focuses on creating a futuristic look and feel through Swiss typography, bold gradient colors, and smooth interactions.

Landing Sroll Interaction


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UX Consultation
Web Design (CMS & Responsive)
App Design (Mobile & Web)
Branding & Identity
Art Direction
Print Design


Red Hat | IBM
—May ‘20–Present

Bain & Company
—May–Dec ‘18

Fiona Lin Design: Select Clients
• 8090 Partners
• The Dipp
• Hang Technologies
• Naomi Boyer (Influencer/Youtuber, 432K)
• Hospii Inc.
• Bonmo Inc.
—Aug ‘16–Present

EF Education First
—Sep–Dec ‘19

Spark! Innovation Fellowship
—Sep ‘19–May ‘20

Harvard Innovation Labs | Joro Inc.
—Jun–Aug ‘19

Off the Cuff Magazine
—Jan ‘18–May ‘19


Site of the Day Award
—Mindsparkle Mag, June 17 ‘20

Editor’s Pick 2020
7 Brilliant Portfolios from Visual Designers

—Bestfolios, June ‘20

EMERGE Portfolio Reviewer
—AIGA Boston

Runner-Up Team
—Adobe x Airbnb Creative Jam

Demo Day Best Design Award
—Spark! UX Innovation Fellowship

Lifetime Member, Honors in Psychology
—Psi Chi International Honor Society

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